ART SpiderJack 3 "Call For Security Check"

25th Apr 2017

We have today received a "Call for security check" From ART/Freeworker, which we urge all customers who have purchased an ART Spiderjack 3 to check their device and make the necessary amendments. Please read below which is the exact instructutions we have received from ART. 

ART SpiderJack 3 "Call For Security Check"

"We have to inform you that manufacturer ART wants certain customers of SpiderJack 3 to do a security-check.

Each SpiderJack 3 displays a serial number, this starts with “25.” which is the code for the product itself (“SpiderJack 3”), the characters following the “25.” are essential : that’s the year of production.

Only SpiderJack 3 with “25.16…” (=SpiderJack 3 out of 2016) should be checked as in the description below

SpiderJack 3 with “25.17…” (that is year 2017) are not affected by this call for security-check.

The two screws (on either side of the brake handle) are fixed with locktide, in one case, one of the two screws has nevertheless slightly shifted under use, the manufacturer supposes that the locktide may have been implemented incompletely.

In order to make sure, these screws don’t move, they should be checked. SpiderJack 3 of 2017 have a different type of screw, so they are not affected.

If the bonding of the grub screw to the thumb brake of SpiderJack 3 is defective, this can obstruct the movement of the friction clutch or the device body. In the worst case scenario, the device no longer grips the rope safely. After I had been informed that the clamping action was affected in this manner on a SpiderJack 3 with serial number: 25.16…, it is possible that more devices are affected. In the past, the bonding of the grub screw to the brake bearing has been safe and reliable in tests.

To discover whether there are more insufficiently bonded grub screws on SpiderJack 3, every user must check these two screws (Abb. 1). Therefore, every user of a SpiderJack 3, serial number: 25.16… is asked to carry out this check without delay based on the following instructions (Abb. 2).

For the test, please use the thinner hex driver (2.5 mm) that is supplied with SpiderJack 3. It is important that the hex driver is held on the short side, as shown (Abb. 2). If the user cannot turn the two grub screws with the method shown using normal force (1 to 1.5 Nm), everything is OK and the SpiderJack 3 is safe. It does not matter which direction the screw is turned. However, if one or both of the two grub screws can be turned, the SpiderJack 3 must not be used until the problem has been resolved. If the grub screws are not tight, contact us without delay. Naturally, we will send you a free repair kit with instructions immediately.

Owners of SpiderJack 3, serial numbers: 25.17… with the new grub screw (Abb. 3) do not have to carry out this safety test. The new grub screws with head are also mechanically fixed in place and proper bonding of every single screw is checked twice."

SpiderJack 3 Abb 1SpiderJack 3 Abb 2SpiderJack 3 Abb 3

Please be aware that this isn't just a warning affecting Spiderjack 3s that we have sold, this is a warning to anyone who has bought a Spiderjack 3 from any dealer, so even if you haven't bought from us, please check your device.