Welcome To The New Look ForestAndArb!

21st Mar 2017

So after months of planning and hard work we're absolutely delighted to launch our new wesbite!

Why the change? Well, quite simply we wanted to get with the times. As one of the most experienced dealers in the UK and one of the first dealers to launch a specialist department in 2002 and website back in 2006, we've always been leading the way in the industry.

However, as the years have gone by, we've kept refreshing our product range but the website has stayed the same. With this re-launch we bring a new website perfectly suited to the fast paced 21st century world we live in. This means it will be quicker, more responsive, and far easier to use on phones, tablets, and other portable devices. 

We're hoping that this makes viewing our range and ordering easier wherever you are, whether thats at home, in the office, on site or even up a tree.

So whats different?

Well firstly, we've slightly redesigned our logo. Its now cleaner and alignes with our Social Media presence, as well as matching our banners you see at shows and the tape on the outside of our packages when they are delivered.

We've also slightly adjusted the layout to make it simpler to find products. We've moved everything under three broad "Categories": Machinery, PPE, Equipment. You'll then find more refined "Product Categories" under these dropdowns from the main menu above. For example, if you're after 'Climbing Harnesses', simply navigate to "Equipment>Climbing Equipment". You can then use our handy new filtering system to refine the options by type, price, brand etc. This should make navigation of our site far quicker. 

Its the same for chainsaws. Simply head to "Machinery>Chainsaws" and use the filters to refine your search. And if there is anything you can't find then jump onto our Contact Us page and we'll be happy to help. 

Hopefully the new repsonsive site should mean that if you get caught out by an unexpected breakdown on a job or suddenly realise you need something else, you can jump onto our website on your phone and order just as easily as if it was a desktop. 

We've also got more products and more information than ever before! Some items are exclusive to us so be sure to keep an eye out, and we'll also be featuring more handy news and tips here on our 'Blog'. These will be pushed out all the time via email and social media so be sure to check us out on our Social Page and stay connected! 

Whats the same?

Pretty much everything else! 

We're still offering the same great service, starting with free advice. All our staff are knowledgeable on our product range and happy to help you out with any questions you may have. 

We're also still holding stock of as many items as we can so you can still expect next day delivery on your orders. And as we're authorised by every brand we sell and one of the few dealerships with a full showroom dedicated to Forestry and Arboriculture you can pop in any time to check out our range in store

We're also fully backed up by a dedicated Spare Parts and Repairs team to help you whenever your machines need a bit of TLC. 

Happy Browsing!

We'll leave you to browse our fantastic product range. If there is any feedback you'd like to leave on the new design, or if you spot any errors that may have been missed during testing, please email Martin@ForestAndArb.com. 

Welcome To The New Look ForestAndArb!