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Christmas Gift Guide 2017

7th Dec 2017

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Its the most wonderful time of the year! We're all looking forward to a bit of time off and festive cheer, however, the build up to Chtristmas can often be a bit of a stressful time when you've got people in your life with no idea what to get to put under the tree! This year, we're here to help! 

Tree Surgeons, Arborists and Foresters are typically very brand specific, and also sometimes very price-weary on new items onto the market, so sometimes you might want to avoid buying things for them for work in case they are wrong, and might go un-used. But there is nothing better than the feeling when you put a huge smile on someones face on Christmas Day when you know you've picked a gift they love. This year our editors, industry specialists and experienced staff have picked a list of gifts that are sure to delight on christmas morning! 

PRICE £0-£40

LED Lenser V9 Micro LED TorchAlu PowerBank

Starting off at the cheaper end, maybe if you're looking for little stocking fillers or a useful secret santa present for a mate at work, we really recommend the Husqvarna PowerBank or the LED Lenser keyring torch. Power Packs for phone charging have become part and parcel of modern life and getting this Husqvarna Branded version is a cracking little gift that will get use over and over again, and will charge an iPhone up to twice off on one charge. The LED Lenser Keyring is also a really useful thing to have, great for those little moments when a tool or key might go missing in the back of the van. 

Opinel Outdoor Knife  Cutting Edge Trojan 310 Berger Secateurs Scabbard

The Opinel Safety knife is also a handy tool to have, with a serated edge for cutting rope if needed in emergency situations, a whistle on the end to attract attention, and a really lightweight design allowing it to be attached to belts or harnesses without you even noticing its there. Going up slighty into tree pruning is the Cutting Edge Trojan T250 hand saw. This can again be easily attached onto belts or harnesses, as well as fitting nicely into pruning saw holders like the SawPod. This would be a great gift for a Tree Surgeon or keen gardener who will get years of use from the high carbon, hardened steel blade. For £34 we've also chosen a great package deal ideal for gardeners, which includes a pair of Berger Secateurs and a Corona leather scabbard to store them in, which again offers really good pruning abilities and a really high quality tool. 

Stein Kreiger Pro Work Shirt Short SleeveStein Kreiger Pro Work Shirt Long SleeveHoodieSportWatch

Clothing is usually a safter gift as a christmas present, and the new Stein Krieger Pro Work T-shirts make a great present this year, especiialy during the winter months. The Long Sleeve version also makes a great base layer to go under branded company t-shirts, keeping you warm during the colder snaps. Then in the summer the Short Sleeve version is ideal due to its wick-away properties and breatheable materials. Coming away from the work-site into our Casual wear range, the Stihl Axe Hoodie features a subtle design on the front and the Stihl "Kiss My Axe" logo on the left sleeve, great for Stihl fans and again warm for this time of year. Finally the Husqvarna Sports Watch has been a favourite since we've had it on the shelf, its not massively expensive and is great as a "work watch" featuring a brand they'll love and a neat rubber sport band making it comfortable to use while working hard, saving nicer watches for the weekend! 

PRICE £50-£110

Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet

Gransfors Bruks are always popular at this time of year, they are one the the top brands in the world for axes and when stock comes into us it doesn't hang around for long. They are really sought-after items so for anyone you know into their woodwork, tree work, or general collecting the Wildlife Hatchet would be sure to put a smile on the face. Its small enoguh and easy enough to be wrapped and left under the tree, and when it comes to working with it the hand carved handle is really comfortable and the blade is supremely sharp and again hand made in Sweden to ensure real quality. 

Portek Logmaster Saw Horse

The Portek Saw Horse is a really good gift for home-owners who are cutting their own logs for the fire. It is universal for most domestic chainsaws as it simply clamps to the bar of the saw you're using, taking the weight and allowing you full control to hold the log steady on the tray and action the cutting motion from your trigger hand. It can also take up to 120kg logs and neatly folds up when not in use!

Haix Black Eagle Safety 40 Mid Silver   Haix Black Eagle Safety 40 Mid

Footwear is a common gift at Christmas time, and the Haix Black Eagle Safety 40 in either Black/Silver and Black/Blue offers 2 really stylish options while having full safety features like a Steel top-cap and resistant sole. Often a more expensive purchase some people may still be using old boots that aren't as lightweight or safe due to age, and don;t want to spend out on a new pair. As a christmas gift these would be really well recevied and can be used for years and years as they are fully waterproof thanks to a Goretex lining, feature lightweight outer materials and from such a quality brand as Haix you won;t find yourself back down the local tool shop every couple of months buying a new pair! 

Price £120+

Petzl Zigzag

We're only featuring a couple of items on the top end of the gift list this year, as we know not everyone can be dropping over £120 on Christmas presents. However for those you really want to spoil, The Petzl ZigZag really is the best of the best for Arborists and climbers. The Mechanical prussik can be used on ropes up to 13mm, so will suit most climbers lines sold in the UK, and will make light work of ascending, descending and general tree work, speeding up jobs and reducing work-load. Again it tends to be one of those items that many people want but don;t want to buy themselves due to cost, so this is sure to put a smile on their face!

Arbortec Scafell Lite BlackArbortec Scafell Lite GreenArbortec Scafell Lite Blue

The Arbortec Scafell Lite Boots in Black, Green and Blue have been hugely popular for the entire of 2017 since their re-launch. The problems when they were initially released are now a thing of the past, and in our opinion these are one of the most comfortable boots on the market, rivalling the long standing Meindl Airstream for comfort and longevity. Available in 3 different colours you're sure to be able to find a pair to fit, and really put some flair under the tree this year! 

For the Kids

Stihl Battery-Operated toy Chainsaw

A little something on the end for the kids, The Toy Stihl Chainsaw is a great toy for the tree surgeopns and foresters of the future! Featuring a moving rubber "chain" and sound effects, this is sure to keep them busy until christmas dinner and beyond! 

On behalf of all of us at ForestAndArb.com we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*Please note some items on the gift list are not "stock items" so need to be ordered from suppliers then dispatched, this usually puts an extra 2/3 days on orders arriving to you. In order to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas please order as early as possible. Our final date for sending "on-the-shelf" orders is Thursday 21st December. *