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Christmas Gift Guide 2019

10th Dec 2019

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forestandarb christmas gift guide 2019

With Christmas now just around the corner, gift ideas range far and wide! But as we are all now much more aware of a waste-free society, we are all wanting to make sure the the presents we buy for eachother at christmas are really worth it, both for the person you buy for and yourself and your pocket! We've put together some favourite gift ideas this christmas for Arborists, Outdoor enthusiasts, Gardeners and Kids across a range of price points, as well as some really useful little stocking fillers! We'd all want to make sure that what we buy for our friends and family will be of use, so hopefully there are some things below that might help! 


Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Arb Gifts

Arborists can be a particularly difficult breed of person to buy for, with the technicalities & requirements of the job not being well known by anyone outside the industry. We've picked some really useful items, as well as a couple of new bits that they won't have in their kitbag yet, from some of the favourite brands in the Arb world: 

  1. Petzl ZigZag Plus - £175.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Petzl-Zigzag.html - Brand new in 2019, this upgrade on the original ZigZag has become a must-have in the arb world. 
  2. Simarghu Personal Trauma Kit - £90.35 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Simarghu-Arborist-Personal-Trauma-Kit.html - Safety is paramount and occasionally overlooked in tree work, and it should be the number 1 priority. This kit has all the contents to deal with major trauma quickly and efficiently with military-grade equipment. 
  3. DMM Vault Tool Clip - £24.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/DMM-Vault-Locking-Tool-Clip.html - This hard-wearing, harness mounted locking tool clip is a great bit of kit that not everyone has bought due to the slightly higher cost, but its something that everyone will have a use for, and prefer to the cheaper plastic tool clips. 
  4. DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric Pulley - £59.40 - https://www.forestandarb.com/DMM-Hitch-Climber-Eccentric-Pulley.html - This product has only been out for around a month, but anyone climbing on the popular hitch-climber system will see the benefits of the new pulley straight away. 
  5. Stein Mini OutReach - £13.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Stein-Mini-Outreach.html - Not something that every arborist would buy themselves, but once they've got it it'll be a really useful addition to the climbing kit. 
  6. DMM Rigger Pulley - £52.80 - https://www.forestandarb.com/DMM-Rigger-Triple-Attachment-Hitch-Pulley.html - This Rigging version of the Triple Attachment pulley will allow creative rigging configurations to be used and enables direct connection to textile components, reducing the need for extra kit. 
  7. DMM Phantom Pink Karabiner - £17.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/DMM-Phantom-Pink-Locksafe-Karabiner.html - This is a simple climbing biner, but 5% of the sales go towards Against Breast Cancer, which is a great charity to support and will stand out inside the kitbag. 
  8. Silky Zubat 330mm Pruning Saw - £55.04 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Silky-Zubat-330.html - The most popular Silky for Arborists, while most already have a Silky of some sort, a new one will be like a hot knife through butter, and speed up jobs massively in the new year. 

Outdoor Enthusiast

Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Outdoor Gifts

We've got plenty available for those who love being outside and active 24/7, again with a couple of newer products that even they may not have thought of yet: 

  1. Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet - £93.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Gransfors-Wildlife-Hatchet.html - This compact but extremely high quality axe is portable enough to fit in most backpacks or attached to a belt, but will do a range of tasks like cutting branches, chopping wood for a camp-fire, or even suitable for preparing food. 
  2. Zippo 2-in-1 Hand Warmer/Portable Charger - £24.95 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Zippo-Heatbank-3-Hour-Rechargeable-Hand-Warmer-Power-Bank-Black.html - This is a new product line for us, but so far is provng really popular if you're often out and about, being able to keep you warm and charge your devices on the go. (Also available in silver, please type 'Zippo' into our search bar)
  3. Arbortec Kudu Plus Fleece - £63.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Arbortec-Kudu-Plus-Melange-Knitted-Jacket-Blue.html - This smart fleece is packed full of features, with thumb holes, inside, outside and chest pockets, and a key holder clip inside. They're really warm, and easy to layer underneath a waterproof if needed.(Also available in yellow or Orange, please type 'Kudu' into our search bar)
  4. Husqvarna Base Layer - £16.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Husqvarna-One-Layer-Undershirt.html - When you're outside all day warmth is key. These base layers are perfect under your normal clothes as they aren't too tight and sweaty, but keep your body heat in really well. The long back also helps its stop coming un-tucked all the time. 
  5. Arbortec Mamba 70L Duffle Bag - £71.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Arbortec-Mamba-70L-DryKit-Bag.html - Ideal for camping, holidays, day trips, sports and activities, this hard wearing, waterproof duffle will have enough space for anything you could want to take, as well as several internal & external pockets. It can also be fitted with the supplied rucksack straps for easy transport. 
  6. Husqvarna S1600 Splitting Axe - £36.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Husqvarna-Splitting-Axe-S1600.html - A larger axe for thoes tough bits of wood splitting for campfires or wood-burners. The fibreglass handle means its nice and light to use, but still has the quality to get through tough wood. 


Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Garden Gifts 1

People who spend a lot of time gardening can often be tough to buy for when garden centres all seem to sell the same things, but our selections here are sure to enhance the time they spend in the garden, making work easier, and leisure time better:

  1. Cutting Edge Trojan 310 Straight Pruning Saw - £25.82 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Cutting-Edge-Trojan-310.html - While Silkys might be a bit expensive for a part-timer, Cutting Edge offer really high quality bladed saws with just as-good cutting capabilties. The 310 Straight will cover all garden tasks. 
  2. Sawpod - £19.95 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Sawpod.html - The Sawpod will fit most makes of Pruing Saw including Silky & Cutting Edge, allowing the pruning saws to be mounted comfortable on your leg and no longer swinging around off of a belt, or being lost in a pile of brash. 
  3. Wood Pellet Pizza Oven - £430.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/WPPO-Multi-Fuel-Outdoor-Pizza-Oven.html - The ultimate garden enjoyment present. Great for cooking Pizza, fish, meats and veg, this multi-fuel oven will burn anything you can think of. It'll reach 482 degrees Celcius and cook evenly in minutes. 
  4. ForestAndArb Beanie Hat - £10.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/ForestAndArb-Black-Beanie-Hat.html - Ideal for fighting off the cold during the colder months, our F&A Beanies are sleek & stylish and amde from heavyweight wool. 
  5. Stihl Dynamic Bluetooth Ear Defenders - £69.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Stihl-Dynamic-Bluetooth-Ear-Protectors.html - If you or anyone you know if using powered tools in the garden, these will make the task far more enjoyable. High rated sound protection, and crystal clear sound from your phone streaming whatever you'd like. Battery life of up to 38 hours. 
  6. One-Shot Shovel - £55.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/One-Shot-Shovel.html - Designed with 'wings' to carry large payloads without spilling it everywhere. It also has a high strength rating and the wings add extra foot support for tough digging. 


Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Kids Gifts

You can find kids toys anywhere these days, but if you want to get something for the budding young tree surgeon in your life, check these out below: 

  1. Stihl Toy Chainsaw - £20.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Stihl-Battery-Operated-Toy-Chainsaw.html - Revolving rubber chain, realistic noises, and crucially, adjustable volume for when it gets too much!
  2. Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw Kit - £24.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Husqvarna-Toy-Chainsaw-Kit.html - Similar features to the Stihl, but also coming with a fun helmet & gloves to really look the part. 
  3. Stihl Kids Baseball Cap - £5.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Stihl-Childrens-Baseball-Cap.html - A small head needs a small cap, but they'll really look good in this high-quality branded cap when out and about on a sunny day. 

Stocking Fillers

Struggling for the smaller stuff? Check out our list of smaller ideas below sure to be much more useful than a lot of things you could give to un-wrap: 

  1. Zippo 2-in-1 Hand Warmer/Portable Charger - £24.95 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Zippo-Heatbank-3-Hour-Rechargeable-Hand-Warmer-Power-Bank-Black.html
  2. Petzl Small Caritool - £5.10 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Petzl-Caritool-Small.html
  3. ForestAndArb Beanie Hat - £10.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/ForestAndArb-Black-Beanie-Hat.html
  4. UST Tick Wrangler - £7.14 - https://www.forestandarb.com/UST-Tick-Wrangler.html
  5. Husqvarna Travel Cup - £12.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Husqvarna-Locking-Travel-Flask.html
  6. Husqvarna Ear Muffs - £12.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Husqvarna-Ear-Muffs.html
  7. Gransfors Bruk Sharpening Stone - £30.00 - https://www.forestandarb.com/Gransfors-Sharpening-Stone.html