Machinery : Leaf Blowers/Vacuums : Echo ES 250ES Leaf Blower/Vacuum

Echo ES 250ES Leaf Blower/Vacuum


RRP is £285.00 (Inc VAT)


This Machine will be fully inspected prior to collection to Echos exact Pre Delivery Inspection checklist, ensuring you receive a working machine. 


Blow, vacuum and shred leaves with ECHO’s ES-250ES Shred ‘N’ Vac®. Powered by a 25.4cc two-stroke engine and featuring Easy Start for easy starting, the Shred ‘N’ Vac® clears leaves and other garden debris quickly and efficiently. It also shreds the material, reducing its volume 12:1. The ES-250ES can also be converted into a blower.

Technical Information

Max Air Throughput  -  700 m3/H

Displacement - 25.4cc

Weight - 5.6kg

Warranty - 2 year Professional/5 year Domestic


2-stroke 25.4cc engine

Easy Start system for quick, effortless starting

Stage 2 compliant low emission engine

Anti-gyroscopic laterally eccentric blower tube

EZ lock for easy securing and disconnecting of the blower tube

Ergonimic, grouped controls

Exclusively designed asymmetric cutters

Heavy duty air filter

ECHO power tools come with a 5 year dommestic or a 2 year professional use warranty


WGM Two-Stroke Oil - Our own Winchester Garden Machinery semi synthetic two stroke oil approved for use in this machine

Mix Bottle - 1 Litre two stroke mixing bottles with measuring points for 25/1, 32/1, 40/1 & 50/1 mixing ratios. (50/1 required on this machine)

Echo gutter kit - The Rain Gutter Kit Fits PB-250, PB-265ESL and PB-500. Also fits ES-255ES and ES-250ES Shred ‘N’ Vac models


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