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The New Long Reach Hedgecutter Choice of the Pro's

30th Jul 2018


The new choice of the professional, the Echo HCA-265ES-HD Long Reach Hedgecutter

Hedgecutting is a job that not all of us always like doing, yet it is one that always NEEDS doing. It can be a long, hot, and not particularly thrilling task, but whether you're having a day off from tree work, or tackling the next garden on your job list, anything that can be done to make the job easier and quicker is always appreciated. 

Using a long reach hedgecutter is often a safer task when taking on large jobs, allowing you to cut back bigger areas, including tops of hedges, from a standing position with a secure base as opposed to climbing ladders or platforms. We find most teams these days will use a combination of handheld and long reach, or stick to long reach machines all together. 

Stihl always used to have the market cornered, but around 4 years ago a relatively unknown machine to the professional market started gaining traction. The Echo HCA-265ES-LW was a light, cheaper machine and more and more people started giving them a go. Feedback was impressive, with good cutting blades, an easy-to-use adjustment setting and comfortable handle meaning it could be used happily all day by guys used to using the heavier Stihls or Husqvarnas

Now, we have the new kid on the block again, the HCA-265ES-HD. To put it in long terms, this is the HCA-265 Easy Start, Heavy Duty. The HD part is now the key. We had some feedback around 18 months ago after a slight blade change saying that the latest HCA's weren't cutting conifer hedges. Not helpful, when the UKs most popular hedge is conifer. 


So why buy an Echo HCA-265ES-HD, over say a Stihl HL-94CE? 

The HD update has brought back larger, triple edged blades and a faster cutter speed stroke rate, which overall provides a faster slicing, cutting action, ensuring a tidy finish. Because they are laser cut and nickel-plated, they also stay sharp for longer and allow you to tackle a wide variety of hedges. 

The powerful 25.4cc professional grade engine runs extremely economically, and has the Echo standard Easy Start, meaning you don't need to pull your shoulder off trying to get the machine going after a tea break. You'll also find controls that are better ergonomically placed for ease of use and manoeuvrability, as well as a soft, comfortable handle. 

The head rotates around 135 degrees for maximum versatility, and the angle can be operated with one hand, which is something our customers love again compared to rival machines. The fully cast metal gear case also provides added durability when compared to rival machines. 

If you're in the market for a Long Reach hedgecutter, or just think your current machine could be upgraded, then the HCA-265ES-HD is definitely worth considering here

If you need some help with your decision, our staff as always are on hand to offer free advice on the benefits of a machine with you, tailored to your needs. Contact us either over the phone, via email, or pop in store to see us in our showroom!