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Hook With Latch PCA-1282

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This is a simple yet practicle hook. Its unique latch prevents the chain from slipping out of the hook when tension is not applied on the rope.

The 7,9 mm (5/16") opening of the grab hook will accept either 6 mm (1/4") ou 7,9 mm (5/16") chain.

It is equipped with 3 links of 6 mm (1/4") chain and can be attached to any 13 mm (1/2'') rope or smaller.

Attach the hook to the rope using the bowline knot. The bowline knot provides a secure connection, and can be untied if required.

Its working load limit (WLL) is 20 kN (2039 kg - 4496 lb).

A great accessory to use in combination with the skidding cone (PCA-1290), the pulling plate (PCA-1310), the choker chain (PCA-1295) or HPPE rope choker (PCA-1372).

Technical Information

  • Weight (metric) : 0,63 kg
  • Length (metric) : 17 cm
  • Width (metric) : 11 cm
  • Height (metric) : 11 cm
  • Diameter (metric) : 6 mm
  • Other : WLL: 20 kN (2039 kg - 4496 lb)

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