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Arbortec Arborflex, Out Now!

9th Jul 2020

Arbortec Arborflex, OUT NOW!

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The Arborflex is HERE! This will revolutionise the chainsaw trousers game forever! 

Many years ago when we first started selling PPE to tree surgeons and foresters, we thought it would be a good idea to do a chainsaw course ourselves. Back then, we were selling a very popular pair of trade trousers and it wasn't until you had to wear them for a period of time that you realise just how heavy and uncomfortable they really were! We're positive it was the hottest 3 days on record when we had them on! 

Over the last 20 years trousers have changed a lot. New brands, styles and colours have come along, and they've got lighter, more comfortable and with new materials available, they are a far cry from the first pair we had. 

As retailers, we speculate what we hope will sell and never really know until stock is in the showroom and in front of people's eyes. Lucikly, with the Arborflex, although details have been scarce, we did see them as a concept at the 2018 APF and feedback was initally positive. 

We are now hugely excited to finally have the new Arbortec Arborflex trousers here and in our hands, because this completely new idea ticks so many boxes for everyone with a need for chainsaw protection. 

The bases in either Type A or Type C are available, with a choice of skins including two waterproof designs in Black and Hi Vis Orange are all now in stock and available in-store or online. There is a choice for everyone and the skins can also be worn on their own as general work trousers, climbing trousers or active outdoor trousers. If you wanted to change from hedgecutting to chainsaw work halfway through the day, simply pull on your base layer of protection, put the skin over the top, button it on and away you go. If the rain starts, whip off your normal skin, button on the waterproof and your ready again. Its an easy and quick changeover process, and means no more sopping wet trousers the next day, or getting really hot in chainsaw PPE when your not using your saw. 

The idea has been about and gathering steam for a numbe rof years, but Arbortec have put in the time and effort to bring this new type of design to market in the best way possible. 

Check out the links below, or pop into our store to see it for yourself. You won't be dissappointed! 


Base Type ABase Type CPro Skin Lime

Storm Skin BlackCasual Skin Aqua

Base Type A - Base Type C - Pro Skin Lime - Pro Skin Purple - Pro Skin Black - Storm Skin Black - Storm Skin Hi-Vis - Casual Skin Aqua - Casual Skin Olive - Casual Skin Beige - Casual Skin Black