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Teufelberger Scrubba Rope Wash

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In 2013, TEUFELBERGER engineers launched the project “Deliberate Rope Damage of Fiber Ropes”, testing and analyzing the impacts of various mechanisms of damage to fiber ropes. The result of the analyses enables us to understand, among others, the effects of washing on the service life of ropes. For a climber, the topic of “Washing a Fiber Rope” and the use of detergents, is of particular interest in regards to the integrity of your rope and your safety.The solution is SCRUBBA!
SCRUBBA is our easy to use rope detergent specifically formulated to clean rope effectively and gently.
Tests reveal after 8 washings with powder detergent the residual strength of a fiber ropes is 58%. After 8 washes SCRUBBA produces the best test results achieved with the least amount of tensile strength lost.


  • Don't wash the rope more often than absolutely necessary!
  • Use 75ml of SCRUBBA rope detergent in the washing machine, or 10ml in 10l for hand wash.
  • Wash your rope at a max. Temperature of 30°C/86°F!
  • Use the wool cycle of your washing machine.
  • It is indispensable to rinse the rope thoroughly in clear water.
  • Spin-dry ropes only if quick drying is required.
  • Afterwards, allow the ropes to dry naturally.
  • Don't expose ropes to direct sunlight.
  • Don't dry ropes near heat sources or in the tumble drier.

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