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The brand new dual-standard helmet from 3M: The X5000

13th Sep 2019

3M Helmet

The brand new dual-standard helmet from 3M: The x5000 series

Last week we went to The Confor Woodland Show at Longleat. Although the show itself is a smaller event than the APF/Arb Show, it is a great opportunity to see a different side to the forestry market, talk to our customers & more importantly, show off new products.

New to us and the market this year we have the 3M X5000 series dual standard helmet kits. This helmet has been configured to be CE compliant, meaning all of the components are tested and certified to be used with each other in its application. 

Having both EN12492(Working at height) and EN397(Ground use) allows one helmet to be purchased which in-turn saves money and ensures you and your staff always have the correct helmet at all times when working. We sell the X5000 series set up as EN12492 compliant, but it can be easily changed to EN397 by pulling down 4 small red tabs on the inside of the helmet at the chin-strap anchorage points. This weakens the connection on the chin-strap harness enabling it to breakaway if caught or snagged. These tabs then get pushed back up when ready to climb again. 

3M X4 X5000 Helmets Info sheet 13M X4 X5000 Helmets Info sheet

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Fitted with SNR 30 Peltor earmuffs on the X2 version, as well as a stainless steel visor, the helmet comes fully equipped for the demands of the modern-day tree surgeon/arborist with high quality, durable parts, while being replaceable when the earmuffs or visor reach the end of their life-span. 

We also do the X4 version, which comes with up-rated SNR 32 Peltor earmuffs, an etched mesh-visor for better vision, reflective strips across the helmet shell, and a magnetic chin strap for a quick and easy on-off process. 

These are a nice lightweight helmet that is very comfortable out of the box, and being dual-standard, they really tick all of the boxes for your safety helmet needs. 

3M X2 X5000 Helmets3M X4 X5000 Helmets

3M X5000 Vented X2 Helmet Kit - Available in Blue, White, Orange or Red from stock now! Click Here - £120.00 VAT EXEMPT

3M X5000 Vented-R X4 Helmet Kit - Available in Black or Yellow from stock now! Click Here - £150.00 VAT EXEMPT