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UST Tick Wrangler

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One of the most common concerns that comes with outdoor activities is the chance of picking up a few ticks on the way, an annoyance that could turn into a serious medical issue. Effectively remove the parasites with ease using the UST Tick Wrangler™, a handy tool for any outdoor enthusiast. Perfect for use on people or pets, the Wrangler features a ruler (both inches and centimeters) to measure the removed tick to determine the type, which can help determine whether or not there is a risk for Lyme Disease. Made from solid aluminum alloy, this tool comes with a convenient carabiner, allowing it to be easily attached to gear or even your key ring, so the tool is always at hand.


  1. Place the loop of the Tick Wrangler™ over the tick and rest it on the skin, so that the tick is in the larger end of the loop
  2. Slide the Tick Wrangler™ along the skin so that the narrow end of the loop slides under the tick
  3. Continue to slide the Tick Wrangler™ slightly up and away from the skin
  4. The Tick should come away from the skin easily with the head intact

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