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DMM Impact Block Small

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As you would expect from a product called an ‘Impact Block’ it’s only purpose in life, apart from looking good, is to help absorb huge impacts created by the harsh dynamics of heavy arborist work. When rigged as part of an impact system, our block offers maximum security and strength with minimum fuss and weight. Every component, every curve, every surface has been analysed, designed and engineered to deliver the best performance in terms of dynamics, resistance and alignment. The combination of high quality materials and our hot forging process gives a rope friendly, durable and robust block that can withstand the abuses of advanced tree felling and rigging work. Our blocks have gone through a rigorous dynamic and static testing regime, and have been mis-treated and abused as much as possible; the end result is a highly functional product with an impressive strength to weight ratio. If ever there was a component in a safety chain destined to take abuse, this is it…

The Small Impact Block is small by name, small by nature (relatively speaking) yet still big in strength. With a massive Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of 200kN and a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 40kN, it is incredibly strong, yet can almost be around on a harness.

Technical Information

  • Minimum breaking load: 200kn
  • Aluminium construction
  • Max rope dia 16mm


  • Rounded edges to maintain low rope abrasion when rope is fed ‘unfair’
  • Fairlead flares help maintain high working efficiency
  • Thrust surfaces increase tolerance to external loading of spindle and anchor pin
  • Lightweight attachment sling facilitates hauling of block, sling and rope to the climber and helps with handling, in tree stowage and workshop storage
  • Direct connection to cordage, the anchor slings helps ensure correct neighbour component compatibility
  • High efficiency oilite bushings to reduce friction
  • Colouring follows EU WLL protocol
  • Individual serial marking
  • Made in Wales, UK

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