Bison Warranty

23rd Sep 2020

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Bison Warranty Statement

You have purchased a very durable, high quality product that was made in germany. We have forged each axe and hatchet with a lot of precision and care as well as hardening the cutting edge professionally. As result we give you a 10 year warranty on the head of your axe or hatchet provided that the tool has been used correctly (see terms of warranty). Should you have any complaints regarding material quality or workmanship, we will replace your axe or hatchet.

Terms of Warranty

  • Only use the tool for its intended purpose.
  • Stick to the intended use and safety regulations.
  • The warranty will void as soon as you re-grind or in other ways tamper with the axe or hatchet.
  • Do not strike any type of steel with the axe.

We wish you joy and productivity for more than 10 years with your BISON 1879 product.