Eliet Warranty

13th Oct 2021

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Eliet Warranty

Details taken from elietmachines.com/en/pages/warranty-conditions

Dear Customer, 

Thank you for placing your confidence in ELIET, we are convinced that the appliance you have chosen will fulfill your needs and expectations over the coming years. Eliet is committed to guaranteeing the goods performance of its products. 

What is warranty?
ELIET's product design and manufacture proceedures are subject to strict quality guidelines, aimed at guaranteeing a long product life and permanent safety. To ensure this, ELIET will repair any hidden defects or abnormalities throughout the warranty period, provided you use your machine as instructed.

Warranty conditions
Eliets warranty obligations for new machines is governed by the following conditions. 

1. Warranty Period
The warranty period starts the day the dealer delivers the mahcine to the customer (Date of invoice) and expires after:

  • 2 Years of private use
  • 1 Year or 100 running hours (which ever is reached first) of rental use
  • 1 Year or 100 running hours (which ever is reached first) in Semi-professional or in professional use

To be eligible to obtain customer warranty the customer is invited to register the newly purchased machine with ELIET. You should complete the recistration on Eliets website www.eliet.eu

2. Non-Applicability of the warranty

  • Wearing parts like knives, bearings, belts, chains, cogwheels, tires, lamps, fuses, etc. are not covered by the warranty.
  • When the defect is shown to be caused by improper handling, improper use, negligence or consequential damage that occured as a result of external influences (fall, broken stones, foreign object, accident).
  • When the defect is shown to be caused by a lack of perodic maintenanace or cleaning of the machine in accordance with the prescribed periodic maintenance. 
  • If it turns out that the defect was was caused but acting agianst the instructions of advise of the use manual in. 
  • When the defect occurs after a repair by an unofficial ELIET dealer or a repair using parts that are not original ELIET parts. 
  • When the defect us shown to be due to the unauthorised modification of the machine original construction. 
  • When the defect occurs after the use of the machine contravening the instructions for use in the manual. 
  • When the warranty proceedure is not followed or after the end of the warranty term. 
  • For all problems relating to the motor, please contact an authorised service centre of the engine manufacturer.