Gransfors Bruk Warranty

17th May 2022

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Gransfors Warranty

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20-Year Warranty:
All axes from Gränsfors Bruk come with an extended warranty of 20 years against manufacturing defects.

Each axe is carefully inspected before being sold. Nevertheless, there may be deviations that are not visible or have not been detected before the axe has left the factory. To ensure that such defects do not affect you as a customer, Gränsfors Bruk gives a 20-year warranty on defects directly related to manufacturing defects on the various parts of the axe.


  1. For your Gränsfors axe to be covered by the 20-year warranty, you will need a valid proof of purchase from a recognised dealer of Gränsfors Bruks axes. The proof of purchase is your warranty document.
  2. If your axe has a manufacturing defect, you will need to contact your dealer, i.e. the store listed on your proof of purchase. There they will help you with the rest of the process to assert your warranty claim. If the dealer where you bought the axe no longer exists or if you bought the axe in our webshop, you can contact your case at the following address: Svalan Logistik AB (sister company to Gränsfors Bruk AB) Address: Gärdsgårdsvägen 2, 831 77 Östersund, Sverige
    Phone: +46 (0) 63-148520


Craftsmanship, normal wear and tear and care:

Gränsfors Bruk's 20-year warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, defects caused by incorrect use or lack of care.

Gränsfors Bruk's axes are handcrafted products and each axe is unique. Since all axes are hand-forged, our axes may differ in appearance. For example, there may be traces of forging or a certain variation in shape and dimensions. We are proud of this. This natural variation is not classified as a manufacturing defect, but as a sign that the axe was shaped by a human hand.

Axe Head:
The head of the axe is made of steel, which brings with it a sensitivity to moisture, which can cause your axe to rust. Be sure to dry your axe head after use and rub it with oil.

The cutting edge of the axe is sensitive to impacts from hard materials such as stones. Always be careful not to use the axe in a way where the cutting edge can hit stone or other hard material. Incorrect use can cause steel chips to detach from the cutting edge. 

With the exception of the Gränsfors Bruk sledgehammer, no Gränsfors Bruk axe can be used as a hammer or sledgehammer. Improper use can cause the eye of the axe to become deformed or rupture.

Axe Shaft:
The shaft of the axe is made of wood, a "living" organic material. The axe shaft will contract or stretch depending on the moisture content. It is extremely important that the axe shaft is regularly oiled and that the axe is not stored too dry or too wet.

The axe shaft is classified as a wear part that needs to be replaced over time with continuous use of the axe. The axe shaft is not covered by the extended 20-year warranty.

Blade Protection:
The blade protection of the axe is made of leather. Leather is an organic material that reacts to moisture. Always make sure that the blade guard is dry before placing it on the axe. Grease the blade guard regularly to increase resistance to moisture.

The blade guard is classified as a wear part that needs to be replaced over time with continuous use of the axe. The blade protection of the axe is not covered by the extended 20-year warranty.