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28th Jan 2020


Haix Protector Pro

The Haix Protector Pro Chainsaw Boot has been one of the industry standards for years, and 2020 sees the release of the Protector Pro 2.0, the updated and refreshed version of the boot. 

Making a pair of boots takes a clear understanding of the application of use, quality materials, care, and the skill to put it all together in a way that makes a new pair of boots comfortable, durable and affordable. Since 1948 Haix have been making walking & work boots, mastering all of the above and producing some of the most-worn footwear in the world. This experience passed through generations of skilled craftsman in a specially designed, modern factory where each boot is hand-made, ensures that buying a set of Haix Chainsaw Boots should be nothing but a good experience. 

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Haix Croatia

As a retailer Haix was one of the first chainsaw boot brands that we took on, and have stayed with for over 20 years, despite other brands coming and going. In that time we have seen various Haix models, colours and styles, but the one that has remained constant has been the Protector Pro.

The new 2.0, Class 1 (20 m/s), high ankle chainsaw boot really is an all rounder stacked with features brought along from previous designs, such as a waterproof, hydrophoic and breatheable 2.5-2.7mm thick leather, a waterproof Gore-Tex Membrane, an S3 steel toe-cap, and a steel mid-sole protecting the user against puncture from sharp objects. The Protector Pro 2.0, like may other boots produced by Haix, also has the Climate System which uses the pumping movement of your foot when walking to circulate air with every step, meaning moist air is released and fresh, cool air comes in through the vent holes around the cushioning at the top of the boot. The new boot also has the Haix Certified Orthopaedic System, releasing pressure by positioning the foot in a more natural position inside the boot for better posture and muscular balance. 

One of the main advantages of the new design is that the weight has been slashed massively, which we've always found has been the main bugbear. The weight drops to 2212g (per pair), down over a Kilo from the 3300g mark before. This is a huge weight saving meaning fatigue will be greatly reduced, and also makes the boot a lot friendlier to arborists & climbers. 

Other new features like the roller lacing system, integrated heel bend and pulling strap also make the boots comfier for long periods of use, and easier to get on & off properly, elongating the life-span of the boot. 

Care is crucial to extending the life of any pair of chainsaw boots, and the Protector Pro 2.0 has to be one of the easiest around to care for with less different materials and surfaces to clean. The traditional leather is easily cleaned with water, and then it simply can be left to dry naturally overnight. A quick go-over with wax or dubbin keeps the leather supple and waterproof too. 

Over the years we have supplied Haix Boots to Foresters, Arborists, the Military, the Fire Service, Landscapers, Game Keepers and more recently even the more leisure and walking styles, all for different uses but with the same goal - the need for industry footwear to be comfortable, durable and affordable for all. 

Haix Boots- Protector

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